Sabina was born twenty-something years ago in a charming little European country called Slovenia. The writing talent was within her right from the very beginning, which first became obvious when she started writing poetry just as soon as she learned how to write.

As a passionate reader, she swallowed book after book, which caused deep concerns to the staff in her little elementary school, since they soon ran out of books to offer. Her mum was summoned just to be kindly requested to take the poor child to the public library. 

As a girl she started to write three novels or so, but never finished any of them. Sabina was also initiator of two school newspapers that were regularly released with the help of her schoolmates. At the end of elementary school librarian told her that she could easily imagine for her to become a writer. What a prophecy!

After high school graduation she decided to study journalism, which was perfect for development of her writing talent, but not so much for her literary ambitions. She was shocked to find out that journalists aren't supposed to make anything up! Finally, she discovered book publishing, which still makes her happy, almost as much as writing does.

In 2013 she applied for the Slovenian short story competition, ran by Ona magazine - and was surprised to find out that the readers actually chose her touching story to be the winner. That gave her power to finally complete one of her novels, and release her debut Hotel Lavanda in 2015. 

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